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Past RFA Reunions

When that small family group got together at their family picnic on August 23, 1892 and decided to form a family association, little did they know what they started. That began the Reynolds Family Association Annual Reunion and Meeting.

For fifty years, from 1892 through 1941 the RFA held an Annual Reunion, even throughout the depression years and World War I. The Reunions were not held from 1942 through 1946 due to the conditions of World War II. Reunions were once again held in 1947, 1948, and 1950, but then they stopped until 1978, although there was a short meeting of individuals attempting to reactivate the RFA in 1976 and 1977.

Between 1978 and 2008 a reunion was held each year with the exception of 1982 and 2004. They once again stopped in 2009 when the RFA lost the majority of their officers. In 2013 the first reunion in 5 years was held and we have plans to continue with a new and better Annual Reunion each year.

88th Virtual "Zoom" Meeting December 3, 2022
87th Virtual "Zoom" Meeting December 19, 2020
86th Arlington, Virginia September 20 - 22, 2019
85th Independence, Missouri September 14 - 15, 2018
84th Houston, Texas September 18 - 20, 2014
83rd Louisville, Kentucky September 15 - 17, 2013
82nd Salt Lake City, Utah September 8 - 13, 2008
81st Fort Wayne, Indiana October 11 - 13, 2007

Very little information, other than the RFA Annuals or the Reynolds Recollections, were kept on the Reynolds Family Association Annual Reunions. Below is some information as far as the dates and location or the reunions.

80th08 Oct 2006Hilton Fort WayneFort Wayne, IN
79th20 Aug 2005Best WesternSalt Lake City, UT
78th20 Sep 2003Williamsburg Hospility HouseColonial Williamsburg, VA
77th14 Sep 2002Harbor HotelBaltimore, MD
76th22 Sep 2001Hotel SaveryDes Moines, IW
75th23 Sep 2000Plaza HotelSalt Lake City, UT
74th28 Aug 1999Sheraton Tara AirportBoston, MA
73rd15 Aug 1998Howard Johnson Plaza HotelArlington, VA
72nd11 Oct 1997Harley HotelOrlando, FL
71st10 Aug 1996Holiday InnBangor, MN
70th16 Sep 1995Howard Johnson HotelSalt Lake City, UT
69th29 Sep 1994Days InnChicago, IL
68th26 Jun 1993Rosslynn WestparkArlington, VA
67th23 Aug 1992Sheraton Tara AirportWarwick, RI
66th12 Oct 1991Ramada Capitol PlazaAtlanta, GA
65th06 Oct 1990Ohio Historical SocietyColumbus, OH
64th30 Sep 1989Maryland InnAnnapolis, MY
63rd08 Oct 1988Ramada InnWethersfield, CT
62nd17 Oct 1987Americana InnAlbany, NY
61st11 Oct 1986Sheraton InnOld Sturbridge Village, MA
60th10 Aug 1985Holiday Inn, Independence HallPhiladelphia, PA
59th06 Oct 1984Ramada Inn EastColonial Williamsburg, VA
58th08 Oct 1983Biltmore PlazeProvidence, RI
57th11 Oct 1981Seaman's InnMystic, CT
56th05 Oct 1980Seaman's InnMystic, CT
55th08 Sep 1979Holiday InnProvidene, RI
54th17 Jun 1978Whitney Reynolds Adams HomeWilmington, DE
53rd07 Oct 1950Benjamin Franklin HotelPhiladelphia, PA
52nd02 Oct 1948Benjamin Franklin HotelPhiladelphia, PA
51st04 Oct 1947Prince George HotelNew York City, NY
50th18 Oct 1941Prince George HotelNew York City, NY
49th05 Oct 1940Monterey HotelLakewood, NJ
48th07 Oct 1939Prince George HotelNew York City, NY
47th08 Oct 1938Prince George HotelNew York City, NY
46th16 Oct 1937Roger Smith HotelWhite Plains, NY
45th17 Oct 1936Prince George HotelBrooklyn, NY
44th19 Oct 1935Roger Smith HotelStamford, CT
43rd20 Oct 1934Prince George HotelBrooklyn, NY
42nd14 Oct 1933Roger Smith HotelWhite Plains, NY
41st15 Oct 1932Prince George HotelBrooklyn, NY
40th26 Sep 1931Wilcox's Pier, Savin RockWest Haven, CT
39th18 Oct 1930Hotel McAlpinNew York, NY
38th19 Oct 1929Reformed ChurchKeyport, NJ
37th13 Oct 1928Hotel McAlpinNew York, NY
36th15 Oct 1927Pickwick ArmsGreenwich, CT
35th09 Oct 1926Benjamin Franklin HotelPhiladelphia, PA
34th17 Oct 1925Hotel McAlpinNew York, NY
33rd11 Oct 1924Hotel McAlpinNew York, NY
32nd30 Jun 1923Mohican HotelNew London, CT
31st14 Oct 1922Hotel McAlpinNew York, NY
30th09 Sep 1921Hotel McAlpinNew York, NY
29th08 Oct 1920Hotel McAlpinNew York, NY
28th09 Oct 1919Hotel McAlpinNew York, NY
27th04 Oct 1918Hotel McAlpinNew York, NY
26th13 Jul 1917Hotel McAlpinNew York, NY
25th13 Jul 1916Cold Springs HouseWickford, RI
24th30 Jun 1915Mabree HouseNew London, CT
23rd19 Aug 1914D'Wolf InnBristol, RI
22nd20 Aug 1913Copley Square HotelBoston, MA
21st15 Aug 1912Mohican HotelNew London, CT
20th16 Aug 1911D'Wolf InnBristol, RI
19th18 Aug 1910Narragansett HotelProvidene, RI
18th19 Aug 1909Held at Morris CoveNew Haven, CT
17th20 Aug 1908Mohican HotelNew London, CT
16th15 Aug 1907D'Wolf InnBristol, RI
15th16 Aug 1906Guild Hall, Episcopal ChurchWickford, RI
14th17 Aug 1905Mohican HotelNew London, CT
13th18 Aug 1904Colonial InnWest Haven, CN
12th20 Aug 1903D'Wolf InnBristol, RI
11th21 Aug 1902Crocker HouseNew London, CT
10th22 Aug 1901Held at Savin RockWest Haven, CN
9th23 Aug 1900Crocker HouseNew London, CT
8th30 Aug 1899Mortou HouseNiantic, CT
7th1898 New London, CT
6th25 Aug 1897 Cresent Beach, CT
5th12 Aug 1896 Niantic, CT
4th18 Jul 1895 Cresent Beach, CT
3rd15 Aug 1894 North Lyme, CT
2nd16 Aug 1893Home of Ephriam O. ReynoldsHamburgh, CT
1st23 Aug 1892Home of Judge & Mrs FordickNorth Lyme, CT