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82nd RFA Annual Reunion

The Eighty-Second Reynolds Family Association Reunion and Business Meeting was held Monday September, 8 through Friday September 12, 2008. The reunion was held at the Salt Lake Plaza Hotel in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The meeting was held at 10:00 AM on Monday the 8th at the Family History Center Lobby. There was classes at the library at 10:00 a.m. on every day Monday through Friday. The Library also offered classes at other times throughout the day for those who were interested. Friday afternoon there was a board meeting followed by a general membership dinner meeting at 6:00 PM.


Meeting brought to order at 1020

A. Quorum:
A quorum was deemed to be present, as follows:
1. William L. King, President
2. Marilyn J. Newton, VP/Registrar
3. Gary W. Reynolds, VP/Line Coordinator
4. Rosemary R. Markham, Treasurer
5. Cynthia Nason, Director A Large
6. Glenn G. Reynolds, Director At Large

B. 2007 Minutes:
The minutes of the 12 October 2007 were read and approved, as amended to reflect adjournment at 12:15 PM.

C. Old Business:
1. The action to provide a copy of the RFA Bylaws, as adopted on October 12, 2007, to all RFA members was confirmed. Maximum use of electronic distribution and use of least costly mailing method is encouraged.
2. Immediate printing of new checks, to accurately reflect the name of the association, was approved.

D. Treasurer’s Report:
1/1/2008 to 9/11/2008     1/1/2007-12/31/2007
1. Income from membership dues: 3220.00                        3724.24
2. Expenses:                                     1723.75                3711.65
3. Bank Balance 9/11/2008              8708.54

The Treasurer’s Report was accepted.

Following a discussion of the need for a review of finances, the President will appoint a Financial Review Committee to perform the needed review.

E. Membership Report

F. New Business:
1. Budget $200.00 for funding web hosting of RFA and Reynolds surname DNA Project web pages was approved.
2. A new director position, VP for Public or External Affairs, was discussed along with the relationship with the vacant position of VP for Publications. In addition, the need for a position to be responsible for annual and other events was discussed.
The BOD recessed at 1200 until 1400
3. Acquiring and selling logos, coat of arms, clothing items, etc. was discussed. The concept was endorsed informally, pending receipt of a specific proposal from Connie Reynolds Davis, a member.
4. Decision to continue membership in National Genealogical Society was tabled pending further determination of benefits by our Registrar.
5. Continuation of the RFA 1850 Census Indexing Project was approved. The Registrar will publish results to date in electronic form in the web site.
6. Changing the fiscal year and membership year to end each year on August 31 was approved.
7. A FY2009 budget based upon $3400 income was approved for development.
8. Motion to explore the feasibility of establishing a collection of RFA genealogical documents and manuscripts on permanent loan at a selected library was approved.
1st Step: Obtain a listing from members of the material that is available.
Action officer: the Secretary

Meeting adjourned at 1522