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Thoughts about Organizing a RFA Reunion

The following article was written by Lee Taylor and answers lots of questions about organizing and or hosting an Annual Reunion.

We have very few written rules, since we just fly by the seat of our pants depending on who is on board at the time. Below are some of my thoughts from past years for you to think about before you take on the responsibility of setting up a RFA Annual Family Reunion.

Thoughts about Reunion Requirements:




Note: If members wish to use own cars and carpool, its o.k. RFA cannot participate in such events because we do not have insurance. If RFA provides transportation, we must hire vehicle with driver, so that company covers insurance.



Luncheon or Banquet on Saturday?
Cash bars - almost prohibitive because of amount of alcohol that must be bought, e.g. $350 in Baltimore, plus bartender an salary an hour.
Special diet requirements for RFA meals

Other Requirements
Ads for reunion out immediately after contract let for hotel.
Agenda established to publish for all days - NOTE: Do not use hotel 800 numbers; give local hotel number
Plan for library and side events
Acknowledge registration and send final agenda at same time

General Meeting of Members luncheon or banquet. Depending mostly on cost.

We do not handle hotel rooms for guests --- people register privately with hotel.
What do we pay for meeting rooms.

Meeting rooms

Tables of about 8, buffet tables around room to hold whatever