Reynolds Hints in Edgefield, South Carolina…

When asked to help a Reynolds member to help find information that could help him source a father for his Daniel Jacob Reynolds that was born in 1810 in Edgefield this is what was found at the Montgomery County, Texas Genealogy Department at their County Library. Maybe you can use it in your research…
Edgefield findings that are related to Birth in 1810 …
In 1820 there is a Thomas Runnels in Edgefield.   Your Daniel Jacob would fit in the 10 year spot that has a mark in it.  Interestingly it was miss indexed as The Runnels.  There is also a William Runnels who could fit too because of the marks in the 10 year old mark.
 In 1820 there was a Fielding Runnels but he would not have been the father of William,maybe a brother.  No children age needed.
They also had Rennolds Reynolds spellings  in docs
Thomas  Reynolds,  was in Edgefield in time for a son to be born in 1810.  Although the transcribed Edgefield Marriage Records, 1970 by Carlee T McClendon p 133 says about 1815, the history of Edgefield puts him there in 1800.
Reynolds, Thomas born Fairfield District, and Mary Meredith July 9 1804 settled in Edgefield County about 1815.
 (these are the Reynolds in Fairfield 1800… Isaac ReynoldsUnited States Census, 1800 Not Stated, Fairfield, South Carolina,William Reynolds United States Census, 1800 Not Stated, Fairfield, South Carolina, Edward Reynolds, United States Census, 1800 Not Stated, Fairfield, South Carolina, Edwd Reynolds United States Census, 1800 Not Stated, Fairfield, South Carolina, Nancy Reynolds, United States Census, 1800
Not Stated, Fairfield, South Carolina)
Edgefield Co. SC Deed Books 13,14,15 abstracted Carol Wells
p 16
Bk 13 conveyance  p223-235
Peggy Reynolds wit. Thomas Dalton to Benjamin May Deed Jun 1793
Edgefield County South Carolina Abstracts of Deed Books 1-12 1786-1793 Vol 1
Page 39-40
Deed book 3, Pp. 284-288 24 Mar 1789
William Runnalds to Talliafero Cox both of Edgefield Co. SC, for 57 pounds, sold 130 Acres, being part of 200 acres originally granted 6 1774 unto James Harris, who conveyed to said William Runnalds on the West side of Stephens Creek of Savannah River, adj Ross, Talliafero Cox; lands surveyed for the Irish; DAvid Callaham; and JNO Herington. S/ William Renalds. Wit: Joseph Tucker, Joel (x) Cox, John Searls, who swort by oath 12 Aug 1789 efore Benj.Tutt J.P.
The next two make me wonder is there a relationship between the Morgans and William Rennolds/Reonald.
page 198
Deed book 12: Pp 90-91, 30 Oct 1793
Durary Pace & Mary his wife to Abiah Morgan both of Edgefield Co. SC for 40 pounds, sold 244 acres being part of a tract originally granted John Crawford adj Joel Crawford, said Pace, William Rennolds. S/ Drury Pace, Mary (n) Pace.  Wit: William Page, Onias Morgan, Rodah (X her) Morgan, who swore by oath 7 Mar 1795 before Hugh Middleton, J.P. Rcd. 12 mar 1795
page: 199
Deed book 12:  Pp. 94-96, 19 Jan 1792
William Reonolds and Peggy his wife to Onias Morgan, both f Edgefield Co. SC for 100 pounds, sold 100 acres, part of a tract granted to John Harris of Stephens Creek, Darton’s (Dalton) old survey David Calleyham and John Herrington, S/ Wlliam Reonalds, Peggy (+) Reonalds Wit: DrurayPace, Nancy Morgan, Mary Pace, Abiah Morgan who swore by oath 7 Mar 1705 before Hugh Middleton, J.P. Rcd. 12 Mar 1795.
This one might be a relationship for family.
page 219
Deed book 12: Pp 303 -307  21 May 1795
Benjamin Reynolds of Edgefield SC to Abraham Herndon for 200 pounds, sold 247 acres, being of two tracts; (1) 100 acres granted 3 April 1786 to Field Reynolds on the Main road from Augusta to the Ridge known by the Name of old wells also; (2) 147 acres granted 1 Jan 1787 unto John Ryan on the Maild Road that leads from the pine wood house to Augusta known by the name of the old well.  S/ Benja. Reynolds. Wit: Jonahthan (I) /rucgardsibm /dabuek /rutcgetm wgi /swire bt iatg 22 May 1795 before Joseph Hightower J.P. Rcd. 4 Sep 1795
You would have to order it from Edgefield Court House, but there is a will for Thomas Reynolds Sr. 30 Aug 1841
I found in a will of Joab Wooten, in May 1808, a reference to his having a daughter  Prisselly Rennolds and her issue  giving them 3 negros.  (Since  Daniel had a Priscilla  this could be a clue)

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