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2015 RFA Queries

Please take a few minutes to look at these queries that have been posted by our cousins. If you can be of any help in answering these queries then please e-mail the person posting the query. As a member of the Reynolds Family Association you can also Post a query to this board.

DATE: Sunday, March 29, 2015 12:11 PM
NAME: Donna L Castorina
E-MAIL: Dlcas55@yahoo.com
ADDRESS: 506 Edison Road, Trumbull, CT
QUERY: I am researching branch of my family on my mother's side and have a feeling that I may be linked to the Reynolds quite far back. This is the furthest I've been able to locate:

(Hon) John D Reynolds Wallingford, CT

married to Lydia Scarrit (sp?); died Oct 18,1853

Children: Seraphina, Louisa, John D and Martha.

Hon. John D Reynolds is listed in Census as a farmer in Wallingford, CT

DATE: Friday, March 27, 2015 4:10 AM
NAME: Susan Jane Cruse
E-MAIL: Deafmtnbear@gmail.com
ADDRESS: 606 Knights Bridge Road
QUERY: My Mother was Sue Irene Reynolds. My grandfather (her father) was Charles Franklin Reynolds. All of Lima, Ohio. Both are buried in the Willamette National Cemetery in Portland. My father, Earl Cruse was a WWII veteran and my Grandfather was a veteran of the 2nd Ohio Volunteer Infantry. 1898. My 3rd grandson is Daric Reynolds Cruse. My Mother always said we are English, Irish and Scots. She was an only child so I have everything of hers which was everything of my Granddads including photographs going back to the Civil War. Be all this as it may, as a genealogist tracing my Reynolds' is frustratingly difficult. I was very close to my Granddad but not smart enough to ask questions. Now I am 73 and am still searching.

DATE: Friday, March 20, 2015 4:39 PM
NAME: Christina M. Meyer
E-MAIL: cmmeyer16@gmail.com
ADDRESS: 410 Sandpiper Ct.
QUERY: Hello, I accidently came across your website and thought I'd contact you to see if our families are the same. I come from a long line of Reynolds. My grandmother's mother was Virginia (1907-1965). I am wanting to find all i can on Christopher Reynolds (came over here in 1622 from England) I am on ancestry.com. I know that the name Reynolds is a common name, but you never know.
Thank you,

DATE: Friday, March 6, 2015 6:48 AM
NAME: Judith V. Hoell FNA-Reynolds
E-MAIL: vseacoast3@aol.com
ADDRESS: 10 Hollis Lane, Rochester, NH 03867
QUERY: I have a large collection of pictures and documents. My father's family were based in Amsterdam, NY with five or six Dentist in the family. I would love to connect with other people with the same lineage.

DATE: Sunday, March 1, 2015 3:42 PM
NAME: Diana Schwartz
E-MAIL: laceyann@roadrunner.com
ADDRESS: 921 Bethel New Hope Road, Bethel, OH
QUERY: I am about to submit an application to Colonial Dames on Edward Starbuck. And, I am most interested in his wife, Katherine Reynolds. I have researched Robert Reynolds and find no Catherine or Katherine. Has any more information come to light on Katherine Reynolds? If married in Dover, N. H., was Katherine already living there?

DATE: Wednesday, January 28, 2015 7:06 PM
NAME: Shane Donohue
E-MAIL: shane.donohue@searshc.com
ADDRESS: 2908 Elliott Street, Baltimore, MD 21224
QUERY: I am seeking information on the REYNOLDS REYNELL De Reynell Families. Any information on this particular bloodline, in particular Robert Reynolds the third and his relationship to the Scottish royal bloodline:
I recently began tracing my lineage on Ancestry.com in the hopes of finding where in Ireland my dad’s side of the family came from. My dads last name is Donohue, his grandfather married Susie Reynolds. To my amazement, it appears I am a direct descendant of some very prestigious and fascinating bloodlines in England. It appears that particular line goes all the way back to the Normans in France, Comte A De Reynell (30th great grandfather)is as far as I can go back (990-1030). After him is Count Arnoul de Reynell, followed by another Arnoul De Reynell, then Walter Reynells, Carew Reynells, and many more one being an archbishop of Canterbury.
Robert Reynolds the third, at least on Ancestry has a lot of stories that allude to him being a direct descendant of the Scottish Royal family. I was hoping maybe you could point me in the right direction to research. It looks like Thomas Reynolds migrated to Boston in 1590, I was also hoping to find out how this prestigious blood line ended up marrying my Irish great grandfather in west virginia.

DATE: Tuesday, January 6, 2015 8:56 AM
NAME: Allen L. Schlamp
E-MAIL: ALSchlamp@aol.com
ADDRESS: 3617 Trimble Road, Nashville, TN 37215
QUERY: Isaac Calvin Reynolds (b. NJ 1831 was my GGF and according to my records, his father was Miles L (1802-77) and GF was James (1770-1830). Would like to know what ancestor line this corresponds to.

Also, Isaac Calvin's wife and my GGM was Mary Ann Wellmann and I've not been able to find any prior ancestor in that line.

Would appreciate any help.

DATE: Thursday, January 1, 2015 3:30 PM
NAME: James R. Reynolds
E-MAIL: jreynold@hbci.com
ADDRESS: 4455 West 7th Street, Winona, MN. USA 55987-1603
QUERY: Greetings Reynolds Genealogists:

I am researching and wish to locate primary sources verifying where and in what parish in England Robert Reynolds (b: about 1580-90 in England; d: 27 Apr, 1658, Boston, MA) was born (possibly Boxford, Suffolk County, England, or Aylesford, Kent Co., England), his parents names, and his marriage date and place to wife Mary. Has anyone discovered primary source verification for this information?

Robert and his wife Mary and their five children (Ruth, Tabitha, Nathaniel, Sarah and Mary) emigrated to Boston as part of the Winthrop Fleet in about 1630. Any assistance with establishing, with verifiable evidence, Robert's place of birth and parish would be appreciated. Thank you.

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